During times of stress, challenges, and transitions, you may find it difficult to re-define, re-balance and re-align your life and relationships, and you may feel stuck, overwhelmed, alone, and helpless. I strive to provide a safe, empathic, accepting, and calm environment that will empower you to ultimately fill and heal your emotional and relational needs through the people who matter most to you, to help increase balance in your life. 

My role is to facilitate inevitable behavioural, emotional, and cognitive change through accepting and respecting you as the expert that you are on your own life. I will strive to help you rediscover and remember your strengths, wisdom, and innate abilities -  as you embark on your journey of healing, growth, and discovery. 

I value interconnectedness and the strengthening and nurturing of bonds between individuals and I believe in building healthy and safe connections in significant relationships. I am mindful and aware of the role that intra- and interpersonal processes play in our daily lives and I understand how negative interactive cycles and patterns contribute to the suffering and distress that decrease the quality of your life.